What We Do Differently – 5 Step Process

Here at PageNextContent, we are heavily process oriented.

Most other contract content writing services will just take a topic from you, run some google searches, consolidate data and write it out. This makes for just bare bones writing that is disconnected from the essence of your company.

We do things differently. At PageNextContent we have devised a 5 step process for both research and writing that makes it look like the content was written by your own top people!

 Step 1: Getting Some Real ‘Feeling’

 Other content companies just take a topic from you and the buck ends there. Not with us! The first step in our process is to gather the soul of what needs to be written. This means not just collecting a topic but understanding the audience, intent, and context. We might ask for interviews with your key people to understand what your current marketing effort and tone is, and also do some research on your customers and target market.

Step 2: Topic Generation

 We know that your customers look for more than just uninvolved  regurgitation in their content. With our valuable experience, we can advise  on whether the topic of choice is really worth being written, given the industry context and your current marketing efforts. If need be, we suggest various related, alternative topics that might suit your efforts better.

Step 3: Research, research, research!

 Now that the being of the proposed content has been assembled, and the topic verified and chosen, it’s time for us to start doing the real heavy lifting!

Our research involves many dimensions of understanding what the content ought to be all about:

  • Target Audience: What are they really looking for in the current industry context and how would they best receive it?
  • Industry Landscape: What’s going on in your industry right now? What is the tone of the market? Is it bullish, requiring only the right hints to push them towards a purchase, or bearish, requiring more brute force and power behind our writing efforts?
  • Content: We use various resources to collect our information. We believe strongly that statistics sell, and aim to collect as much of these as we can from reliable sources.

Step 4: The Writing 

Now comes the meat of the work. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and really get our teeth into it! We typically take 1-3 working days to complete this phase. Our writers load up with coffee and, armed with go-getter attitudes, work on your content ceaselessly to deliver top quality writing to you by  the set deadline.

Step 5: Review

 After delivering your content, we give you a couple of days to reflect on it and if you feel any changes are necessary. Our writers are available for personal calls with your marketing department to discuss any discrepancies or changes that would attune the writing more to reflect the soul of your current marketing endeavors. Once this is done, changes are made within a day, and sent back for publishing.

With our 5 step process, you can be sure to receive content with an attitude. Stuff that really would make your customers say, ‘Hey, I want to buy that!’